When is tree removal necessary?

Although tree removal is a last resort, damaged, diseased, or safety concerns can turn some trees from an asset into a liability. When this occurs, Harris and Sons Tree Specialists licensed and insured arborists can be trusted for safe and efficient tree removal services in Phoenix and surrounding areas. Look for these signs as an indicator that it may be time to remove your tree:

✓ Improper decisions in the initial tree planting, making it “undesirable” for various reasons.
✓ Lack of adequate tree trimming and pruning.
✓ Environmental conditions such as drought, pest, disease, fire, and lightning strikes.
✓ Mechanical damage attributed to trenchers, tractors, trimmers, lawnmowers, motor vehicle accidents.
✓ Insufficient irrigation, nutrients in the soil, and lack of fertilization.

How will I know if my tree is ready to go?

One of our arborists can help decide whether or not a tree should be removed. Our arborists have the knowledge and experience to determine if your tree should be removed. Tree removal is recommended when:

✓ The tree is dead or dying
✓ The tree is considered hazardous
✓ The tree is causing an obstruction that is impossible to correct through trimming and pruning. Example: roots breaking a wall or any other property damage
✓ The tree is crowding and causing harm to other trees
✓ The tree is to be replaced by a more suitable specimen
✓ The tree is to be replaced by a more suitable specimen
✓ The tree should be removed to allow for new construction


How much does it cost to remove a tree?

This guide will show you, on average, how much it will cost to have a small, medium, or large tree removed from your residential or commercial property. The average tree removal cost is about $825. The cost for tree removal ranges from $150 to $1800+ for the US in 2019, according to multiple sources such as treeremoval.com and homeguide.com. Other types of tree services like stump grinding would be an additional cost.
These are only estimated prices for tree removal without having an estimator physically seeing the tree. There are many factors when pricing tree removal, for instance, the height of the tree, location, condition, and more. Harris and Sons Tree Specialists will be able to provide an accurate cost for the tree removal by going to the property and providing a free estimate.

Pine Tree Removal Cost

The average cost to remove a pine tree is $850. Pine tree removal costs range from $200 to $1,500. For small pine trees, removal costs about $200 dollars. For giant pine trees, you can pay up to $1,500 dollars or more. Pine trees are one of the largest and most dense-growing trees out there. They grow easily up to 60 feet and some up to 80 feet. Since there are many more limbs, the cost to remove pine trees is, on average more than other types.

Palm Tree Removal Cost

The average cost of a palm tree removals is $825. Palm tree removals costs ranged from $150 to $1,500 in the US for 2019.

Tree Limb or Branch Removal Cost

The average cost to remove a large tree limb or branch is $250. Branch removal costs range from $200 to $300.

Tree Removal Average Pricing Guide

Small Tree Removal
Range: $145-$510

Medium Tree Removal
Range: $210-$1,050

Large Tree Removal
Range: $1,000-$2,000+


Please note this is an estimated pricing for tree removals. These pricing ranges do not include stump grinding or additional cost if a crane is needed.