Arizona’s Monsoon Season Tree Care Prevention Guide

Monsoon season is unpredictable when it hits the valley, trees falling on houses and cars are unfortunately very common and dangerous during this season. The best thing you can do for you and your family's safety before this season hits is to prepare your trees!

When does Monsoon Season Start?

The Monsoon runs from June 15 to September 30; storms peak between mid-July and mid-August.

How do I prepare my trees for Arizona’s Monsoon Season?

It is essential to tend to your trees to prevent falling debris and branches that could damage your house, vehicles, and other valuable items on your property. Trimming your trees, bushes, and shrubs yearly or before monsoon season can help prevent these types of damages. Below are a few easy steps to ensure your trees are in good condition before its too late!

Step 1 – Examine your trees. (If you are unsure, give our certified arborist a call to examine for you! It is critical to walk through your property and identify if any trees seem to be dying, too heavy, or leaning. You will want to look out for trees that have any cracks, dead branches, or deficiencies in the trunk. These signs can mean that your tree is dying or has already died and may need to be removed.

Step 2 – Trim, thin, and prune the trees. Once you identify what needs to be done with your trees, call Harris and Sons Tree specialist to come and take care of your tree maintenance! You will want to remove all deadwood on your trees, give your house/roof a minimum of 5-10 feet clearance, and thin your trees out enough to see the sky. Doing so will help the heavy winds blow through your tree rather than knocking it over. These crucial steps will help prevent tree damage during a monsoon storm.

Step 3 – Keep your trees healthy. Keep up your tree maintenance! Getting your trees trimmed yearly can prevent these severe damages. Watering and fertilizing your trees can also help ensure your trees stay strong and healthy to withstand the heavy rain and strong wind.


Steps for an Emergency Monsoon Tree Removal

Monsoon season is unpredictable when it hits the valley, trees falling on houses and cars are unfortunately very common and dangerous.

Trees, branches, and debris that have fallen can be overwhelming for residential and commercial property owners. Harris and Sons Tree Specialists have a 24/7 emergency line, so you never have to attempt to remove or clean the tree damage yourself, that’s what our professional crews are here for. Our professional arborists can complete emergency tree services quickly, safely, and efficiently. We have nearly 50 years of experience in providing emergency tree services to Phoenix and surrounding areas.

Step 1 (Safety) - Safety is the first and most important step when tree damage occurs. Make sure everyone on or near the tree damage site is SAFE.

Step 2 (Be Alert) - Be alert of any other possible trees that may cause any additional damage.

Step 3 (Insurance) - Notify Your Insurance company of the tree damage that has occurred to your property. Your insurance company will further advise you on the steps to take when filing a claim due to the tree damage.

Step 4 (Call Harris & Sons) - Call Harris & Sons Tree Specialists 24/7 emergency line. We will provide you with a FREE estimate on having our professional arborists remove and clean up any storm damage trees. We are licensed, bonded, and insured for your safety!

Step 5 (Future) - Avoid any other future storm damage by requesting our estimator to inspect your trees every year before monsoon season.