Stump Grinding

Many are content with letting a stump sit in their yard after a tree has been cut down. A stump left in the ground can become a tripping hazard, as well as, it can attract unwelcome animals and insects. Exposed stumps take the curb appeal away from your home or business and can pose a threat to the blades of your lawnmower when you are mowing the lawn. You can count on our team of professional stump grinding specialists to grind the stump from your residential or commercial lawn.

We offer a safe, fast, efficient, and same-day stump removal services, so you don’t have to deal with a stump in your yard one more day. There is no doubt about it; we are the stump grinding service that you are looking for, the equipment is quality, and the customer service is incredible for every client!

Stump Grinding Pricing Guide

Small Stump
Range: $20-$100

Medium Stump
Range: $125-$375

Large Stump
Range: $375-$540


Please note this is an estimated averages for grinding a stump. Location, type, height and width are all factors in determining a price per stump.


Please read the instructions below before completing this form Harris and Sons Tree Specialists has been grinding stumps since 1971 and is your # 1 source for stump grinding and stump treatments.

Follow these easy steps to get a FREE estimate on removing your pesky stump!

Step 1 (Take Pictures) - Take a picture of your stump (stumps) with a tape measure or ruler laid across the entire stump diameter. If the stump flares significantly toward the base, we will need to see the tape measure or ruler set across the entire exposed area.

If your stump is taller than a foot, also send us a picture of the height of the stump to get the most accurate quote. If your stump is located in your side yard, backyard, or area that is not easily accessible, be sure to take a picture of the access way. Include the gate width and access width in your request.

Step 2 (Fill out the Form) - Fill out the form link below and submit to Harris and Sons Tree Specialists.

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Step 3 (Wait) - Wait for Harris and Sons Tree Specialists to contact you regarding this estimate request. If we need more information, we'll let you know. Once we know what it will take to complete this service, you will receive an estimate. When you are ready to schedule the service, just give us a call. If you have any additional questions, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 602-863-9336.