Tree Services in Arizona

Maintain Your Home's Landscaping with Our Residential Tree Services

Tree Services in Arizona

Maintain Your Home's or Property Landscaping with Our Professional Tree Services

Since 1971, Harris & Sons Tree Specialists has been providing a variety of high quality, professional tree services in Arizona all backed by our outstanding service guarantee. Since 1960, we've provided a comprehensive set of tree services in Arizona using professionally trained and supervised tree services personnel.

Tree Removal and Cutting

A few weeks ago, I was watching a neighbor cut down his 30 foot palm tree. I heard and felt the big thud as it hit the ground. Immediately after, I heard cussing. I asked what happened - he said he shattered a large portion of the driveway cement. In the end, he spent more to fix his driveway than if he had just hired a pro to do it right the first time

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Keep your trees healthy and looking great with our tree trimming and pruning services in Arizona. Get rid of dead and diseased branches while protecting your home, vehicles and family from potentially dangerous falling limbs. Call (602)863-9336 for a free estimate from one of our experienced and professional arborists.

Stump Grinding and Removal

No hassle, safe and easy way to stump grinding removal in Arizona. Why spend more to rent a stump grinder than to hire the pros? Don't be like the guy on youtube that obliterates his trucks rear axle trying to pull the stump out. We have the best stump grinding prices valley wide.

Sick Tree Diagnostics and Tree Injections

Make your trees beautiful, healthy & strong with our tree injections in Arizona. Sick, diseased and dying trees look bad and have a tendency to fall over and wreak havoc on you and your property. Don't wait until it's too late. Let Harris & Sons properly diagnose your trees and treat them with injectables to heal them and keep them them healthy.

Emergency Tree Removal Services

Unpredictable weather and severe storms can cause massive damage to your trees and surrounding property. Don't risk your health. Let us safely remove hazardous debris with our emergency tree removal and cleanup services.

Debris and Trash Removal

Unpredictable weather and severe storms can cause massive damage to your trees and surrounding property leaving a mess. We provide Bulk Trash and Debris Removal, Tenant Abandonment; Clean-up of Loading Docks and Dumpster area; Environmentally Sound Disposal of your Junk.
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When you want the best tree service in Arizona, then give us a call. When it comes to maintaining your trees, we will exceed your expectations.