Sick Tree Diagnostics and Tree Injections

Make Your Trees Beautiful, Healthy & Strong

Sick Tree Care and Diagnostics

Keep Your Trees Healthy and looking Great

The trees in your yard provide shade and beauty to your property. When they are healthy, they can increase your home's curb appeal and enhance the value of your home. But if your trees are not monitored, then disease can set in and turn your beautiful trees into potential hazards.

As the premier tree experts in Arizona, we want to help you maintain healthy trees with our diagnosis and tree injection systems. Some of the subtle signs of tree disease can often be missed by the average property owner. Moss or fungus growing on tree branches and tree trunks is one of many signs of a sick tree. We pride ourselves on being able to quickly identify sick tree symptoms and offer the most comprehensive, effective treatments available.

Why is it important to annually monitor your trees for disease? Because disease weakens trees and invites pests such as termites to your lawn. A diseased tree branch can fall and injure someone without warning. If the disease has infected the trunk of the tree, then the entire tree is in danger of falling over. Disease can spread to the roots of the tree and weaken it to the point of being dangerous.

We are experts at diagnosing tree disease and making the right recommendations. If we feel the tree needs to be removed, then we will let you know. In many cases, we can save your trees with injections designed to fight off disease and remove destructive insects.

If your trees are not sprouting leaves or the branches are drooping, then give us a call immediately. We can diagnose the problem and use our tree injections to give your trees that healthy look again. We will send one of our experienced professionals out immediately to get started on your tree disease problems.

Call us today and have one of our experienced and professional estimators come out and show you how we can give you the trees you have always wanted.

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