Firewood for Heat and Cooking

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Firewood for Heat and fuel

The typical go to option for firewood these days to as a source of heat. For any campsite out in the woods, building a proper fire is key to survival and a successful trip. After you have kickstarted the fire with tinder and kindling, the larger firewood logs are perfect for really building the fire and getting it to roar. Indoors, a wood burning fireplace is a great way to save on heating costs in the winter and bring a great nostalgic feel. Just throw a few logs in to the fireplace and you are good to go on even the coldest winter nights. Let Harris and Sons deliver your firewood.

Rock Pine is a pine native to the Mediterranean region. The range extends from Morocco and Spain north to southern France, Italy and Croatia, and east to Greece and northern Libya, with an outlying population (from which it was first described) in Syria (including Aleppo), Jordan and Israel. It is generally found at low altitudes, mostly from sea level to 200 m, but can grow at an altitude of up to 1000 m in southern Spain, and up to 1700 m in the south, in Morocco and Algeria, has adapted well in Arizona, where it is used for landscaping and Firewood. MAIN USES: Timber, Heating and Firewood
CLEAN TO BURN: Relatively clean, the cleanest burning Pine
LENGTH OF BURN: Medium burning, burns longer than Juniper
AROMA: Subtle
CRACKLE/POP: Very slight
SMOKE: medium to heavy
COAL BED: Medium Fair

Mesquite Wood for Cooking

Mesquite is probably best known for it’s cooking and smoking qualities. The wood fills your food with a sweet smoky flavor that’s hard to resist.
Mesquite firewood burns hot, making it one of the top choices, along with oak, for those who want a fire that, if properly built, provides hours of warmth. Campers who build a substantial mesquite wood fire before retiring for the night can rest assured the fire will keep burning while they sleep and know they will wake up to embers hot enough to cook breakfast.
For most users, purchasing 1/8 cord of mesquite is the easiest way to enjoy the flavors and create a grilling masterpiece.
What kind of food can you cook, smoke or grill with mesquite? Almost anything. Steak, hamburgers, fish and pork all taste great with mesquite.
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