Emergency Tree Removal and Cleanup

Let Us Safely Remove Hazardous Debris

Emergency Tree Removal and Cleanup

Keep Your Home and Property Looking Great

Unpredictable weather and severe storms can cause massive damage to your trees and surrounding property. Instead of risking life and limb to clean up potentially hazardous materials scattered about your property, call (602) 863-9336 and let Harris & Sons send an experienced clean-up crew to handle it for you.

We have the equipment and experience to safely remove hazardous materials while reducing the risk of further damage to your buildings, automobiles and surrounding structures.

Whether it’s the middle of the storm or the complete aftermath, call (602) 863-9336 to bring out an emergency cleanup crew.

We are experts at diagnosing tree disease and making the right recommendations. If we feel the tree needs to be removed, then we will let you know. In many cases, we can save your trees with injections designed to fight off disease and remove destructive insects.

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